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Getting in the Mood
May 2020

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Mood, a classic with new features.

The Mood Collection is a long-standing bestseller, thanks to a combination of timeless design, materials and comfort.

The durable teak for the seat and legs gives a smooth finish and warm tone. Whilst the soft tricord yarn is resistant to water, frost, mildew and discolouration caused by UV rays.

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In addition to the existing Mood weave options of earthbrown and stonegrey, 2020 sees the introduction of three new colours: sandy toned linen, soft green moss and warm charcoal grey wenge.

Inspired by nature, all Tribu’s colours and finishes allow their furniture to blend harmoniously with the environment.

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Comfort is key

The introduction of a broader size back cushion with en extra fluffy filling adds additional comfort. These water-repellent cushions have a laminated polypropylene cover that protects a breathable filling with all seams stitched in a thread that swells when wet to prevent water entering. Available in over 100 UV resistant, nature-inspired fabric colours.

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Mood around the world

Resistant to extremes of temperatures. The Mood Collection has been selected for projects around the world from the Four Seasons in Megeve to the luxury Monaco Wolf Super Yacht.

Screen shot 2020-05-11 at 16.24.03The Four Seasons, Megeve, France

Screen shot 2020-05-11 at 16.27.01Monaco Wolf by Hessen Yachts