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18 Statement Wall Lights to add drama to your accent lighting.

Offering much more than the simple function of illumination. Wall lights are the perfect way to incorporate different materials, textures and lighting effects into a lighting scheme.

Install in pairs to highlight a feature or as multiples to line a hallway. Wall lights seamlessly blending adjoining areas, add calm to entrances and free up valuable bedside or desk space.

Our current selection of wall lights offer a variety of styles, finishes and materials from classic metal fretwork to iridescent dichroic glass.

We hope you find something to inspire you.


New lighting technology has opened the door to innovative ways of illuminating handmade studio glass to highlight and enhances its unique characteristics and add ambient light.

Lunea sconce: Ref 910850-2, H46cm

Lior sconce: Ref 882350-3, H65 cm Terra sconce: Ref 896550-12, H40cm


The iridescent quality of dichroic glass adds dual colour to your accent lighting. Created using a complex processing technique in high-temperature vacuum chambers. The process requires 15-45 individual glass metallic oxide layers totaling a width less than a single human hair.

Allison Paladino sconce: Ref 872750-3, H37cm


Handcrafted metal work can add shape and detail to an Interior. From the simple lines of Grosvenor Square to the geometric fretwork of Allegretto, each piece has a timeless hand applied finish.

Cienfuegos wall light: Ref 887950, H64cm Allegretto wall light: Ref784750, H40cm

Allegretto sconce: Ref 816850, H65cm Grosvenor Sq wall light: Ref 211250, H40cm

Allegretto wall light: Ref 784650-33, H56cm Grosvenor Sq wall light: Ref 211350, H53cm

Perspectives wall light: Ref 789950-2, H84cm Grosvenor Sq wall light: Ref 845450, H81cm


Make a statement with oversized wall lights. Add focal points as well as much needed accent lighting to long corridors and rooms with high ceilings.

Portobello Road wall light: Ref 420550, H91cm


Opt for a modern take on this classic material, with the rough cut crystal gems of Arctic Halo or the classical emerald cut facets of Monceau.

Monceau wall light: Ref 875050, H37cm. Arctic Halo sconce: Ref 876750-1, H37cm

Neuilly wall light: Ref 878550-2, H34cm Delphi wall light: Ref893350-3, H68cm


Explore new materials with Mica. A naturally occurring mineral, rolled quartz is a natural diffuser emitting a subtle warm light.

Singapore Moderne sconce: Bronze Ref 590550, Silver leaf Ref 618050-2, H29cm

All the wall lights shown are part of a collection and have coordinating ceiling fittings, for more information contact us using the live chat or click here to view the full lighting catalogue.

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