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AMANU, a timeless expression of everyday leisure.

The AMANU collection, designed by Yabu Pushelberg for Tribu, has a modern look and feel but blends effortlessly in a more classic interior as well. Inspired by the unspoiled beauty of the Amanu atoll in French Polynesia the collection comprises dining chair, lounge chair and dining table.

Amanu Collection by Tribu at Rebecca Scott Furniture new 2022

Celebrating the art of distillation, designers Yabu Pushelberg generously worked over time to refine Amanu to its most essential form, exuding purity and calmness. Exploring the organic beauty and durability of teak, the studio crafted table and chairs are characterised by generous proportions.

Amanu Lounge chair by Tribu at Rebecca Scott Furniture new 2022

The collection marries comfort and sustainability in a timeless look inspired by an interior quality and finish. The chairs feature woven, hemp-based Canax® sling seats, suspended from slimline solid teak frames for a look that is floating yet supported. The generous lounge chair has a lower frame and wider proportions.

Amanu arm chair and dining table by Tribu at Rebecca Scott Furniture new 2022

The dining table has a light yet sturdy profile, the broad, ceramic top seems to float on the discreet yet sturdy teak frame, creating a remarkable lightness. The rounded edges of both the teak profiles and the outer ceramic tiles, convey a soft and harmonious look.

Amanu armchair Amanu lounge chair

Amanu dining table by Tribu at Rebecca Scott Furniture

Amanu dining table

For more information about the Amanu collection please contact us using the live chat or email us at

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