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Everything you need to know about glazed lava stone.

If you are looking for a luxurious yet durable alternative for your outdoor dining table top then glazed lava stone might just be the perfect solution.

Considered as one of the most sophisticated outdoor materials, it has a tactile beauty as well as being extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Created by the calcification of lava and sand over hundreds of years, glazed lava stone is a unique, handcrafted material that enhances the natural aspect of lava stone. Sourced from Mount Vesuvius the lava stone used for the Tribu Collections is approximately 400 years old.

A dense structure, it has the inherent strength of volcanic stone which allows it to be used in one piece and unlike marble, it has no veins so it can be cut at any angle.

After cutting and sanding, the stone is treated to close the pores. The first glazed layer, which is always white, is then baked. The next step involves adding the coloured glaze, the most important but also the trickiest part of the process as the pigments change completely when they are baked.

Once molten lava, the stone can withstand the very high temperatures used in the glazing process which makes sure the finished product is UV stable, impervious to water and resistant to heat, frost, chemicals and stains.

Reminiscent of the surface qualities of enamel, glazed lava stone is available in four beautifully mirrored colours: Linen, Ocean, Moss and Burgundy. A new addition for 2021, includes the Wengé finish which has an elegant brown tone, that changes with the light.

As glazed lava stone is a natural product every table top is unique. Aesthetic imperfections are to be expected and are considered part of the characteristics of both natural stone and handcrafted finishing.

For more information about our tables featuring glazed lava stone please contact us using the live chat.

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