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Let's talk about Umbrellas...

Providing welcome shade as well as an inviting atmosphere, outdoor umbrellas allow you to maximise your outside space so you can enjoy nature without sacrificing style or comfort.

Whether for a patio, terrace, pool or alfresco dining area, outdoor parasols provide a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor spaces.

Depending on your exterior style, location and requirements the Eclipse umbrella by Tribu offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Available in a round or square shape, in 3 different sizes, you can choose from a wood or aluminium pole and various nature inspired canopy colours.


The round umbrella is a more organic option which complements traditional design styles , tighter spaces and where the area you want to shade is symmetrical.

The square parasol is better suited to a more contemporary decor style and architecture that requires maximum shade and visual balance.


The wooden parasol has a classic timeless appeal, it works well in lush green environments and complements other wooden outdoor furniture. Made from eucalyptus wood, it is user friendly with beautiful stainless steel and leather tip details. Regular cleaning and the use of a protective cover during the Winter months will enhance its durability and keep it looking its best for years to come.


If you are after a sleek, modern look to complement a minimalist decor then the Eclipse parasol with the Aluminium pole my be your preferred option. Lightweight, durable and strong, it is supplied with a granite base making it a good choice for windy, beach and ocean locations.

Offered in a wide range of metal finishes which coordinate with other furniture pieces, the Sunbrella fabric canopies provide UV-protection as well as being resistant to mildew and easy to clean.

For further information about the Eclipse Umbrella please contact us using the live chat or or email us at



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