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Set the scene with an Outdoor Rug

Welcoming and soft underfoot, an outdoor rug can instantly bring your al fresco space together. As with its interior equivalent, it can help to define an area whilst also adding a luxurious and cosy feeling to your terrace, pool side or spa area.

An outdoor rug may be a simple detail, but it can help set the tone and create a focal point for your outdoor living, dining or entertaining space.

Designed to coordinate perfectly with our Tribu outdoor furniture and accessory collections, the raised textured Shindi rug and the cleaner more contemporary Loft rug are soft enough for bare feet, but tough enough to withstand the elements and still look good.

Made of PVC coated polyester, the rugs are handmade using a traditional loom which means they are extremely durable and resistant to UV rays, rain and mildew.

A 3D weave gives the Shindi rug a luxurious, artisanal look. Thick strands are woven for a beautifully defined, raised texture to give a warm, natural and welcoming appeal like an indoor rug. Although soft in appearance, the specially coated material is extremely durable, meaning the rugs will look and feel great throughout their 20-year lifespan.

The water-repellent coating also makes them the ideal choice for pool-side seating, spas or use in tropical climates.

Available in a natural colour range of white, linen, hemp and wengé, the rugs are offered in two widths and several lengths and can also be customised upon request.

Easy to clean as they don't absorb water, the Shindi and Loft rugs are stain repellant and dry quickly so you can walk on them comfortably with no feeling of dampness and happily leave them outside for the Summer season.

Rebecca Scott Furniture have been working with Tribù outdoor furniture for over 25 years and are a recognised dealer in the UK. If you would like more information about any of the products featured please contact us using the live chat or view the rug collections using the link below.

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