Take your Spring clean outside!

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

When it comes to looking after your outdoor furniture a little TLC goes a long way. Like your indoor furniture, regular cleaning and maintenance will enhance its durability and keep it looking its best for years to come.

To maintain the high-quality finish and comfort of their outdoor furniture, Tribu have developed a range of specialist outdoor cleaning and protective products tailored to the different outdoor materials featured in their collections.

From teak to ceramic cleaner, fabric protector to oil and grease remover. The selection of products on offer rivals those available for indoor cleaning making it is easier than ever to look after your outdoor furniture and ensure its longevity.

See below for our tips on general cleaning as well as more detailed information about how to look after and care for different types of outdoor furniture.

General Cleaning

• Cleaning should be done preferably during cloudy weather or in the shade. Make sure your furniture is cooled down before you start. • Beware of sensitive flooring and wear protective gloves. • Do not use any abrasive sponges, steel brushes, wonder sponge or any abrasive/caustic cleaner. • Do not use a high pressure cleaner nor a steamer. • Make sure your furniture is clean and completely dry before you apply protective products. • Storage during winter time or for long absences: before storing, we recommend good cleaning and protection of your furniture. Store only in a dry, unheated and well-ventilated room and never use non-breathable plastic covers. Tribù offers custom-fit protective covers.

Woven Furniture

The CTR, Elio, Tosca, Mood and Regista Collections all feature Tricord, a unique combination of synthetic fibres that are resistant to water, frost, heat, mould and mildew. Click here to view the maintenance sheet for cleaning and protecting your woven furniture.

Featured on the Nodi, Senja and Vis a Vis Collections. Canax is a unique combination of natural hemp and synthetic fibres. It is stain repellent, UV stable and resistant to water, frost, heat, mildew and mould. Canax requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean with clear water, a pH neutral soap and a soft hand brush. See here for further instructions.

Wood Furniture

Teak is one of the most durable materials for outdoor furniture, however exposure to the elements will turn it silver-grey over time. This process cannot be prevented but can be delayed with twice yearly cleaning. See the maintenance sheet for advice on how to protect and restore your teak furniture.

Metal Furniture

Tribu's ultra-durable and scratch-resistant powder coatings guarantee a high UV-resistance for 15 years. If well maintained, both powder coated aluminium and powder coated stainless steel have an excellent resistance to corrosion. Click here for detailed cleaning and protection instructions.

Synthetic Furniture

Featured on the Branch Collection, polypropylene is resistance to water, frost, heat, salt, mould and mildew. As well as being UV-stable and stain repellent, it is also anti-static and easy to clean with clear water, a pH neutral soap and a soft hand brush. For green deposits and more persistent stains view the synthetics furniture cleaning instructions here.

Batyline & Sunvision Furniture

The Branch, Senja and Forum loungers as well as the Natal and Illum chairs all feature this synthetic coated mesh. Highly resistance to water, frost, heat, mould and mildew it is extremely stretch and tear-resistant as well as being stain repellent and UV-stable. The fact that no moisture is absorbed, results in rapid drying. Easy to clean with clear water and a pH neutral soap, the application of an additional protector will help to reduce the adhesion of dirt. See the full maintenance instructions here.

Ceramic & Glazed Lavastone Table tops

Both ceramic and glazed lava stone possess excellent qualities for outdoor use. They are stain repellent, UV-stable and resistant to heat, frost, mould and mildew. Regular cleaning is simple with warm, clear water and a pH-neutral fluid detergent whilst more stubborn stains can be removed with Tribu's Glass & Ceramic Cleaner. An additional protector applied twice a year will act as a conditioner, intensifying the colour and reducing the adhesion of dirt and stains. Click here for more information.

Outdoor Rugs

Tribu's rugs are made of 100% mass dyed, PVC coated polyester, which is the best choice for outdoor use. Their synthetic coating guarantees an extremely high resistance to water, frost, heat, mould and mildew. Besides being UV-stable and stain repellent, they dry very fast as they absorb no moisture. For more information about how to look after your outdoor rugs click here.

For further information or to purchase the outdoor cleaning products mentioned please contact us using the live chat or click here to download the relevant maintenance instruction sheets by material.