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Teak: A timeless, durable & sustainable option for your outdoor furniture

Could teak furniture be the perfect choice for your garden and terrace?

There has never been a better time to invest in your outside space and as the garden and terrace are now increasingly viewed as an extension of the home it makes sense that you would want to source the best possible furniture for the job.

Pure Sofa, Roots Side Tables

Striking the perfect balance between durability, sustainability and comfort, teak is a popular choice and has the ability to look relaxed, refined, traditional and contemporary at the same time.

Below we learn more about teak, how to maintain it and discover how Tribù's teak collections can help you create a timeless outdoor space to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Pure Sofa, Nomad Lounge Chair, Natal Blu X-tables

Teak (Tectona grandis)

Teak is classed as the most premium wood on the planet and therefore the most suitable species for outdoor furniture. Native to Asia, it takes 75 to 80 years for a tree to mature. Once felled, the speed and time of drying depends on the thickness of the wood with the level of moisture ideally somewhere between 8 & 12%.

At Tribù, all their teak collections are designed to ensure the wood is used as efficiently as possible. Each log is carefully selected based on its structure with Tribù only using fully grown teak that is ethically harvested from high quality plantations in Indonesia.

As well as its beauty, teak is extremely durable, stable and weather resistant, Its tight grain and high natural oil content provide a lustrous honey brown hue and make it extremely resistance to decay, water, fungi and parasite attacks.

Kos Dining Chair, Kos Bench, Kos Dining Table

Cleaning, protecting and storing

Teak in its natural state is virtually maintenance free. It can be left outside all year round and survive the most extreme weather conditions. Over time, untreated teak furniture which is exposed to sun and rain will turn silver grey.

To enhance its durability and keep it looking its best for years to come, Tribù have developed a range of specialist outdoor cleaning and protective products.

Tribù's top tips for looking after your Teak Furniture

  1. Treat new teak with Teak Protector 4 to 6 weeks after installation. Teak Protector applies an invisible film that prevents stains and green deposits.

  2. Soiled teak can be cleaned with Teak Super Cleaner. Leave the furniture to dry completely and then apply Teak Protector.

  3. To avoid labour-intensive cleaning, treat the wood with Teak Sealer. This contains UV protection to slow down the greying from the sun as well as a fungicide to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

  4. Clean furniture during cloudy weather or in the shade.

  5. Do not use any abrasive sponges, steel brushes, wonder sponge or any abrasive or caustic cleaners.

  6. Do not use a high pressure cleaner nor a steamer.

  7. Make sure your furniture is clean and completely dry before you apply protective products.

  8. Store furniture in a dry, unheated and well-ventilated room during Winter time or long absences, ensuring the furniture has been cleaned and protected beforehand.

  9. Use outdoor covers to protect the furniture against dirt. Tribù's custom made grey covers are made of PU coated polyester which is water-repellent and UV-resistant. With excellent breathable qualities the covers reduce condensation and heat build-up, helping to prevent the formation of mould and mildew.

For more information on cleaning and protecting your outdoor furniture click here.

Branch Dining Table with Teak Top

Teak Collections

With teak as a corner stone of their collections, the Tribù collections re-imagine traditional outdoor furniture, bringing the same sense of elegance, sophistication and comfort that customers are used to in their interior settings.

Their range of teak furniture offers maximum flexibility allowing you to create a unique outdoor space that can adapt to how you live, relax and entertain outside.

Vis a Vis Sofa, Coffee Table & Rocking Chair

The VIS A VIS Collection brings an ode to pure design. with a modular system that has endless possibilities, from a small meridienne sofa to a large corner sofa. With a co-ordinating dining set, coffee table, arm chair, rocking chair and lounger this collection works as a whole look or mixed with pieces from the other collections.

Pure Sofa & Lounge Chair, Vis a Vis Coffee Table, Teak Lanterns

The PURE Collection reduces design to the essence, devoid of all excess: pure simplicity and elegance. The modular outdoor sofa consists of five elements that combine easily into the lounge set of your liking. Available with two different styles of cushions: the sleek, structured Miami or the more fluffy, softer, Casual cushion.

Illum Bar Table, Mood Bar Chairs

For alfresco drinks and dining, the ILLUM bar and dining table offer classical Scandinavian furniture design updated in teak for outdoors.

Vis a Vis Dining Table, CTR Dining Chairs

The VIS A VIS dining table is perfect for entertaining and can be extended without any limit to accommodate guests for lazy lunches and late night suppers.

Kos Ding Table & Chair

The KOS collection with it broad slats and pure but powerful design makes the perfect chic, simple dining set. A co-ordinating lounger is also available.

Teak & Woven Collections

With a eye on finish, durability and detail, Tribù continue to research and develop innovative, natural looking materials for their collections, combining teak with Tricord braiding and Canax® weaves.

Mood Sofa, Lounge Chairs & Ottoman, Monsieur Tricot Hanging Lights, Branch Coffee Table, Tairu Side Table, Natal Alu Side Table, Nomad Pouf, Dunes Side Table, Shindi Rug

The airy design and the warm combination of teak and the soft woven straps give the MOOD collection an amazingly natural charm. The handwoven Tricord seat backs are made from weather resistant polyolefin and polyester that have a natural look and feel.

Amanu Dining Table & Dining Chair

AMANU marries comfort and sustainability in a timeless look inspired by interior quality and finish. The dining chair has a seamless seat and back rest formed from an elegant sweep of woven Canax®. The seat is suspended from a slimline solid teak frame for a look that is light yet substantial, floating yet supported.

Elio Lounge Chair, Low T-Dining Table

Elio is characterized by a softly rounded silhouette that draws inwards to create a cocoon effect. The chair is framed by natural teak whilst the handwoven Tricord seat draws upward and inward to create a warm, intimate shelter.

Senja Lounge Chair & Sofa, Low T-Dining Table, Nomad Pouf, Dunes Side Table

Senja invites you to relax in a collection that marries comfort and versatility. The arm and lounge chair combine teak legs with gentle, body-contoured support from its Canax® back rest.

Teak Accessories

Incorporating teak accessories such as side tables and lanterns will add further warm and personal touches to your outdoor setting and whether you opt for the full teak look or combine it with other materials and finishes, it is undoubtedly a timeless, durable option that will set the tone for generations to come.

Ile Side Tables, Hexagon Side Tables, Teak Towel Rail, Tairu Side Tables, Teak Lanterns, Dunes Side Tables

For more information about the teak collections we offer please contact us using the live chat or view the full Tribù outdoor furniture catalogue here.

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