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The Nodi outdoor lounger combines minimalism with a casual touch. Light and airy, its silhouette is defined by twisted, interlaced rope in weather-resistant Canax®, stretched across a slender, sculptural frame in powdercoated inox. The open weave in Canax®, a combination of PVC and natural hemp, crosses in vertical and horizontal lines, providing shape and structure to the seat and back.


Nodi outdoor lounger

  • Frame: 304 stainless steel, powdercoated with a durable polyester coating


    Seat & backrest: Canax®, the core is made of polyester, the outside is a mix of pvc and hemp fibres


    Cushions: Filling in dryfoam which has an open cell structure, so air can circulate freely. Water passes through the filling, but dries quickly thanks to the large open pores, substantially inhibiting fungal growth.

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