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Bathroom Lighting: From Statement Chandeliers to Decorative Wall Lights

As the trend for creating luxurious and relaxing bathing spaces continues, the team at Fine Art Hand-Crafted Lighting has reimagined some of their most stylish collections for bathroom interiors.

Strata Bath Bars

From feature ceiling lights to vanity and mirror lighting, below we provide you with some ideas on how the new collections can be incorporated into your bathroom lighting scheme.

Bathroom Interior by AB Design Elements featuring the Forêt Pendant

Opt for a Statement Ceiling Fitting

A chandelier is a great way of creating a focal point and introducing a central lighting source. Beautiful even when not lit, it is also a clever way of incorporating ambient light that can be dimmed for that relaxing evening soak.

Nest Pendant

Depending on the size and style of a bathroom, a ceiling pendant or chandelier can highlight design features, bring balance to a space and help set the tone for the rest of the bathroom's design.

Arctic Halo Pendant

Light the Vanity Unit

When it comes to vanity lighting it is as much about the aesthetics as it is about functionality, with bath bars and wall lights providing decoration as well as useful secondary lighting.

With the mirror as the focal point, choosing the correct fitting and position will depend on the size of the space, the style of the bathroom and whether you are lighting a single or double vanity unit.

Bond Bath Bar

If space permits, a large pair of wall lights positioned vertically either side of the mirror will make a statement as well as provide flattering and even task lighting.

Lior Bath Bars

For a Spa inspired bathroom, lights positioned horizontally on or above the mirror help to create a sleek more contemporary look especially when they echo the design details, finishes and colour scheme of the space.

Arctic Halo Bath Bars

Make it decorative

Balance form and function with the use of decorative fixtures, whether timeless, classic ornate or oversized, make a key lighting design statement whilst also providing a valuable source of dimmable task lighting.

Azu Bath Bars

Portobello Road Wall Light

Mix it up

Play about with styles, finishes and hanging options. The latest collection of bathroom lighting is available in both our standard and custom finishes with many of the new bath bars offering the flexibility for vertical or horizontal placement.

Whether you are looking for a statement chandelier, a pair of contemporary bath bars or a decorative wall light, the right kind of bathroom lighting adds a touch of luxury and creates the desired mood. Bathrooms are no longer just about functionality they are now much more of a lifestyle space.

For more help with your bathroom lighting requirements contact us using the live chat or click here to view the latest bathroom catalogue.

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