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Illuminating Insights: Art Glass Lighting

First recorded in the 1920's, Art glass is the term used for any of the several varieties of glass created using combinations of colours and special effects such as opaqueness and transparency.

Created by skilled craftsmen in factories (art glass) or by individual artists in small workshops (studio glass) modern glass studios use a variety of techniques to create glass artworks, from glass blowing through to glass fusing.

Committed to keeping the art glass tradition at the forefront of design, the master glass artists at Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, integrating a wide variety of glass making techniques with creative metalwork to offer an unlimited range of innovative art glass collections.


The art of shaping a mass of glass that has been softened by heat by blowing air into it through a tube. Hand-blown glass is generally thinner and more graceful than machine-made glass which also makes it ideal for making glass shades. The glass artisans at Fine Art have created a number of collections that incorporate freehand glass blowing. Each hand-blown piece is a unique work of art that allows you to create your own unique art glass installation.

Natural Inspirations

Vesta Collection

Nest Collection


The process in which glass objects are formed by directing molten glass into a mold where it solidifies. Modern cast glass can be formed using a variety of processes including kiln casting and casting into sand or metal moulds. The cast glass collections at Fine Art include the glass spires of the Lior Collection which mimic natural crystal formations, the hand-cast crystal with gold leaf of the Terra collection and the studio cast glass that evokes the feel of rock crystal found in the Lunea Collection.

Lior Collection

Lunea Collection

Terra Collection


The joining together of pieces of glass at high temperature, Most contemporary fusing methods involve stacking or layering thin sheets of glass, often using different colors to create patterns or simple images. The fused glass collections at Fine Art offer a number of different glass effects including a translucent mixture of clear crystal, a creamy opaline glass with gold leaf accents, metallic glass and their signature dual coloured dichroic glass.

Elevate Blank Pages

Bespoke Glass Bird

Elevate Frozen Pages


A form of fused glass favoured by the artisans in the Fine Art glass studio is dichroic glass. Created by stacking layers of metal oxides, dichroic glass has incredible multi-colored and reflective properties and will display more than one color at the same time when viewed with different lighting effects.

Allison Paladino

Plume Collection

Natural Inspiration Nebula

For more information about the art glass collections we offer please contact us using the live chat or view the full decorative lighting catalogue here.

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