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Elevating outdoor furniture design from ordinary to extraordinary

New Collections 2023

Tribù, believe the most memorable moments are those spent together. Renewing and expanding their range of beautiful, timeless outdoor furniture their 2023 collections only add to this sense of connection.

UKIYO Collection

When visiting Japan, designer Monica Armani was fascinated by the signs and shapes of the classical architecture, from votive temples to everyday objects. Curved lines like brushstrokes, precise and ethereal at the same time, also incorporated into the Japanese writing system, were the inspiration for the new UKIYO collection.

“I was inspired by the signs and the sophisticated Japanese culture, especially their eye for detail which also describes my design aesthetic. I worked on the balance between curved and taut lines and the visual weight of each element that concludes this collection.”

Monica Armani

UKIYO is a warm and welcoming collection that remains etched into your memory, interpreting the exclusive and refined style of Tribù.

NOMAD Arm Chair

The NOMAD chair emphasises the unique characteristics of teak wood and the ability to sculpt it. Having extensive knowledge and experience in teak processing, Tribù was able to guide designer Monica Armani from concept to a final design, balancing soft shapes, subtle lines, and skill. The NOMAD chair is a sculpture on its own, each face perfectly joined and the backrests harmonious and inviting to take a seat sit down and enjoy any outdoor ambience. In addition, Monica Armani worked on shaped cushions, couture objects, which dress the seats just like a tailor-made suit. The cushions propose comfort and a unique design aesthetic. The NOMAD chair is a harmonious addition to the NOMAD collection, which represents a refined and durable design for discrete and exclusive luxury, breathing the distinctive traits of the Tribù Maison.

OTTO Low Tables

Designed by Marc Merckx, Otto was inspired by a rhythmic ‘ribbon’ pattern, often found in Italian bar counters from the 40's. The collection also references ancient architectural pillars with their typical fluted pattern. Using merely one simple element, an endless yet interesting surface can be created, not only significantly reducing the waste of precious teak wood, but creating a durable timeless design that accommodates many outdoor purposes.

LUNA Lamps

As portable lanterns, Luna does what it’s designed for, uniting people with their environment. Inspired after hosting a gathering with friends, founding partners of global design house Yabu Pushelberg, designed the inaugural lighting collection LUNA, a cordless lantern that unites people with nature.

GOBI Basket

The idea of GOBI was inspired by Ilia Eckardt's innovative handmade crochet technique and is an enlarged version of a heritage knit stitch. It's an impressive handmade piece consisting of recycled yarn, with strong visual impact and a reflection of true skill. The handmade basket collection is a start of an accessory line, bringing a family of shapes used for decoration, storage, planters, and more.

For more outdoor furniture inspiration view the 2023 Catalogue below or contact us using the live chat.

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