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Decorative Lighting - Stunning Silvers

There is something beautifully decadent about the delicate technique of silver leafing. This traditional hand applied finish feels almost wasteful in its application, requiring expertise and patience to create each unique piece of decorative lighting.

Glamorous yet elegant, modern yet timeless, our range of silver finishes can be applied to any of the lighting in our collection.

From the cool silver leaf featured on the Arctic Halo pendant to the warmer platinised silver seen on the Allegretto table lamp, explore our selection of stunning silvers below.

Silver Leaf

Arctic Halo Chandelier 878140 W 76cm in a silver leaf finish featuring hundreds of rough cut crystal glass gems.

Platinised Silver Leaf

Allegretto Table lamp 793110 H84cm in a platinized silver leaf finish with subtle brown highlights and a white textured linen shade with pierced metal gallery in matching silver leaf finish.

Crystal Enchantment Pendant 812040 W 94cm in a modern design of multi-faceted crystal panels, set in silver-leafed metal frame.

Warm muted Silver Leaf

Beveled Arcs Wall Light 705050 H 33cm in warm muted silver leaf finish with beveled crystal accents.

Antique Taupe Silver Leaf

Crystal Laurel right-side facing table lamp 758610 H 79cm in an antique taupe finish with silver leafed accents and faceted crystal leaves. Left-side facing option also available.

Platinised Silver Leaf

Portobello Road wall light 831350 H 178cm in platinized silver finish.

Exquisite finishes are the trademark of all our decorative lighting collections by Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting. Every piece is handcrafted with a unique finishing process, with many of the finishes require dozens of steps and applications to achieve the desired effect.

For more information about any of our lighting finishes please contact us using the live chat or view the full catalogue here.

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